Carolyn Rusin

Imagine waking up feeling excited, inspired, and joyful.

Your journey starts here.

Ambitious heart-centered women are wired differently. Feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied with the way things are is a natural state when you know you deserve more.

It’s time to normalize your needs and wants and to prioritize your fulfillmentwithout guilt. You deserve to feel happiness, joy, and fulfillment without guilt.

One-to-One Coaching

One-to-One Coaching

This 4-month coaching program is for ambitious, heart-centred women who are feeling numb, stuck, or totally unfulfilled in life.
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Self-Study Programs

Self-Study Programs

Going from limiting beliefs and constant negative mind chatter, to learning exactly how to get what you want to make you happy!
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Dumping the Trauma!

Dumping the Trauma!

Time Line Therapy is all about dumping the charged emotions from past events (including major traumas) that weigh you down and affect all decisions and emotions moving forward.
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How do you begin to make that shift to look after yourself without the GUILT? It is easier than you think, but you need to be intentional.

30 Minutes Can Change Everything

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Are you tired of the same old problems bringing you down all the time?

Unlock your full potential.

Fulfilled, happy and joyful without guilt!

Together we can identify your roadblocks and negative patterns in your life. Release negative emotions that you have been carrying with you from your past events, and release the trauma they have caused you. You will then learn how to nurture your experiences, to be able to enjoy happiness in your life.

How I'm Different

Are you often feeling or experiencing one or more of the following:

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Important takeaways that we need to remember to prioritize your self care, happiness and fulfillment.

You Have 'Everything', So Why Aren't You Happy?

Do You Seem to Always Have Bad Luck?

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