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Ways to Work With Carolyn


One-to-One Coaching

This 4-month coaching program is for ambitious, heart-centred women who are feeling numb, stuck, or totally unfulfilled in life.

By the end of this program, you will have:

We’ll start with weekly 60-minute coaching calls, then transition to calls every other week as you regain clarity, confidence and momentum. (12 coaching calls in all.)

You’ll have access to me in between coaching calls for questions and you’ll receive full access to my online programs, Reset Your Mindset and The Anti-Anxiety Formula.

Book a free 30-minute breakthrough call to apply now.

You must be coachable and possess a commitment to doing the work to get the most out of this program.

Available spots are limited.

Payment plans available upon request.

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Dumping the Trauma
(This is a part of my four month package)

Time Line Therapy is all about dumping the charged emotions from past events (including major traumas) that weigh you down and affect all decisions and emotions that you feel moving forward in your life.

Are you quick to lose control through anger or tears? This is usually because of all of the charged emotions that you have been carrying around for years!

Think of your emotions all going into a cup. Over decades of our lives, the cup gets rather full of all the charged emotions we have felt, to the point where there is no more room. What happens then? The slightest thing can set us off – into anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt or shame.

Your brain does not differentiate between the anger you felt last week or the anger you felt 10 years ago. But it is all there to remind you how you should feel the next time you are angered.

What if you could dump all that in one day? Imagine feeling lighter and more calm – that is what my clients report. They also talk about no longer feeling emotional about past events and traumas. Instead they are simply events that happened, but no longer trigger them. How would that change your life? Imagine moving forward making decisions not based on past fears?

That is what happens after Time Line Therapy

Self-Study Programs



Going from limiting beliefs and constant negative mind chatter, to learning exactly how to get what you want to make you happy!

This program includes multiple videos and lessons that are packed with tips and strategies that you can begin to use right away!



Going from feeling stressed and overwhelmed, to identifying and addressing the causes and triggers of your anxiety. Learn how to specifically deal with your anxiety today!

This program also includes videos and lessons that are packed with tips and strategies that you can begin to use right away!

Purchase both online programs together for just $47 CAD.

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