4 Ways to Find More Joy & Happiness


by Carolyn Rusin

Who would ever have thought in 2022 we would still be dealing with a global pandemic!

But here we are. Let’s try not to stay in the same traps we may have found ourselves in over the last two years. Again, our situations vary from person to person depending on our various situations. But these are some important takeaways that we need to remember moving forward.

Here are 4 Ways to Find More Joy & Happiness

1. Structure


In a world where there is very little certainty and where the rules seem to be changing on a regular basis, we need structure in our lives. We need something that we can grab hold of to make us feel grounded.

I often joke that what I have learned in Covid is complete flexibility, as it is often hard to plan during these uncertain times.

So keeping some things in our lives that give us a sense of predictability, such as, our morning coffee, getting regular exercise, calling a good friend (not the one who is going to go on and on about how difficult these times are), or taking time for a favourite hobby.

Anything that can be predictable on a daily basis is key. Take that time and preserve it, as it will allow you to feel more grounded.

2. Prioritize Self Care


Now I really mean making time for this…not just thinking about it until something “more important” comes along.

This has been a real test for many, as we all know in theory that this is important, but MANY people don’t actually make the time for it.

Self-care may look different for different people. For some, it might simply mean getting out of the house and being by yourself. It might mean reading a book, meditating, exercising, doing a hobby, learning something new, or working with a Life Coach just to name a few.

3. Positive Social Interactions


We are social creatures. The more social interactions are restricted, the more our mental health suffers.

We have now learned that socializing can take on many different forms depending on the current rules and your comfort level.

Regardless of the restrictions that may or may not be in place, making the time to have POSITIVE social interactions that leave you feeling energized is so important!

4. Creating Growth


If you are not growing intellectually, spiritually or emotionally, you are going to find yourself very stuck in your life.

That is where many people currently find themselves as they have focused on getting by and surviving during this pandemic. For many, that was a necessary skill.

Moving forward, is there something that you would like to learn about? There are so many opportunities now online to learn pretty much anything under the sun!

Do you want to delve into your spiritual beliefs? This is not necessarily restricted to religion, but can expand out much further than that.

We have had to juggle so many emotions over the last year and a half that we haven’t really had a chance to process or even understand them yet. Do you realize that you have rules that you live by that you don’t even realize that you have? Many of these rules you created as a child…and you still have them! These rules prevent you from happiness! Working with me can help you see the forest for the trees and help you to discover more joy and fulfillment in your life!

This is time for a new beginning. Take life by the reigns, so that you can feel more joy and happiness on a consistent basis.

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It's time for a new beginning

We have had to juggle so many emotions over the last year and a half that we haven’t really had a chance to process or even understand them yet.

This creates a stuck pattern that keeps you trapped in a lack of fulfillment without forward progress.

Work with me to move forward!

"Carolyn's clear thinking style, and her voice of reason allowed me to unpack all of my feelings to get to the real issues. She then provided me sound, compassionate advice and guidance to chart a path forward."

"If you have the chance to work with Carolyn then take it - she will help you grow and discover so much power you'll be able to conquer your world!"


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